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Individual and Group Lessons Available! (25 USD an hour for one-to-one!)

My name is Cengiz Hasman (47 years old) and I am a UK National Master but live in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus and I speak fluent English (with a British accent) and Turkish.

You can check my references on Type ''chess'' into what you want to learn and ''London'' into location. 

After I have found out the goal of my student, I will then construct the lessons accordingly. It might be concentrating on vital middlegame positions, must-know endgames and/or choosing a suitable opening repertoire if required. I recommend daily tactics solving and have a simple but effective suggestion in this regard. I use skype and zoom as well as Houdini and the analysis board.

I have a Fide rating of 2101 and rapidplay rating of 2413. I have had good results against many Titled players but now work as a Chess Coach in Cyprus. I have played in the London League on top boards, 4NCL and the North Circular Chess League for Wood Green. In fact, Wood Green won this League a few times after I became captain. I have contributed a lot to my teams in Cyprus winning 1st Division League Titles. You can see my YouTube videos below:

My former teammate Kingscrusher annotated one of my games below:

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I have attended a Coaching Development Course by IM Vladimir Grabinsky, a well known coach. One of my students, an unrated 11 year old achieved a 1700+ elo performance in a tournament in Serbia. I have been coaching for 6 years. My hourly rate is 25 dollars an hour (for one-to-one lesson). Discounts available for more than one hour taken every week. Group lessons (no more than 6 students) are 10 dollars an hour.

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