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5 Things I Know About You:

1. You are on

2. You don't know if Taiwan is a country or not.

3. You are a human.

4. You know that 1+1 = 2.

5. You know that the FBI is after you. (Jk) 

This is sort of like King Of The Hill, but it's actually a real-life game at American Open. I was only 1500 back then and versed a 1900. But... I WON! We were in lots of time trouble... BUT I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YaY! Lol. platinum.pngdiamond.pnggold.pnglessons.pnglive.pngtrophies.png -Bye!!
Lol happy.png Haha happy.png 

I also love friends! happy.png Please follow me! wink.png 

Sad sad.png sad.png sad.png 

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