Hi everyone, thank you for reading my profile.

A special shoutout to @ScatteredWealth before I begin. He's a great friend (and also a great chess player!). He's very dedicated and has his own club https://www.chess.com/club/the-puzzle-patzers which is a great club for puzzlers and has 104 members over 3000 puzzle rating on chess.com, as of December 5th (congrats on that too!). In addition, his blog posts are amazing, with great puzzle guides. Check them out! 


After all of the acknowledgments and banners, now to my clubs wink.png

Cretaceous Chess - my main dinosaur-themed club

My club also participates in multiple leagues, included the Club Wars league, 1WL, and TCMAC.

Thanks everyone for reading and have a good day happy.png

- @hypercard

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