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Hi, I am a International Master Ivan Galic from Bosnia & Herzegovina born in 1988.

My FIDE elo is 2429. I am in chess more than 25 years as a player and 5 years as a coach.
I graduated Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
Currently working on electricity production planing and trading.

I always do my best in motivating my students and
adapting my courses to their earlier knowledge and playing style.
I believe that there is always a room for improvement.
Everyone is different so adjustments for each person is needed.

Being able to help my students achieve their goals is my main objective

As every trainer I look at student games...
Detecting mistakes and weaknesses in earlier games and make progressing and work plan to go on.
Depends of level of understanding we make then study plan.

Hourly fee is 20$ per hour. You can pay me using PayPal.

If you are interested in lesson or training games do not hesitate to contact me here or send


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