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I'm K.D. but my friends call me Kayt.

I'm just your typical girl next door with a chess obsession.

I'm global.

 Home is where my chess board is.

I'm known for constantly travelling and learning new languages.

 Some of you might have known me as one of your favorite vegetarians  

 Been chilling on chess.com since 2008

player turned moderator turned staff  

 I have lived all over the world and bounce around continents. I like to spend spring and summer in US and winter and autumn in EU.

Traveling is my second love.  My first, of course, is chess , or music...no no it's WRITING!

When I'm not online, you may find me:

  • running on trails in the forest.
  • playing my guitar
  • writing about your next favorite band, place to visit, advertisements,travel brochures, relocation guides, documentaries, scripts, or stuff that can be found on the back of bottles or cereal boxes
  • ghostwriting something you may have heard about
  • knitting
  • doing yoga. learning acroyoga
  • SWIMMING and BIKING and training for my first tri
  • cooking some vegetarian meal
  • paddleboarding
  • chilling on my couch watching a film with the subtitles on
  • going to one of my 3 dance classes 
  • or running through some terminal in an airport.
  • in the gym or at an outdoor gym trying to learn calisthenics stuff
  • instagramming my boring life
  • helping people learn English
  • taking long walks on the beach
  • sending sms, or social media messages to friends with massive typos and grammar errors (i'm wreckless when I'm not actually working, ha ha!)
  • making long lists that people may or may not read.


Anyways, I'm here to help you whenever you have a question. 
I also am a firm believer that in order to be happy at life, you should be nice and have fun.  

Everyone asks if I am a real person when I answer their chats in livechat  or their tickets .

 I'm not a robot.

...or am I?

Just kidding 🙂

If you've gotten this far you deserve a virtual taco!

If you ever wanna game, just challenge me. 

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day today!!!!!


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