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Your secret edge to winning chess!

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We will teach you:

1. The EXACT thought process of an advanced chess player

2. How to find the best moves in ANY given position

3. To MASTER your chess psychology and acquire a WINNING mindset

Having 130+ (as of June, 2020) world-beating, successful WEEKLY chess students is no joke. They choose us because quite simply we care about our students and are invested in their success.

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  • Personalized, student-tailored homework every week
  • Powerful, battle-tested, and engaging training methods
  • Notes recapping lesson material delivered after every lesson
  • 24/7 offline text support for all homework help
  • Unhappy after the first lesson? No worries--we'll refund the full cost.

SERIOUS students ONLY. We only take in a few students every month.

We work with:

  1. Casual Chess Learners
  2. Medical Doctors
  3. People in Tech
  4. K-12 Students
  5. College Students
  6. Business Owners/CEOs
  7. ...and many more chess learners

5-Star Reviews

1. I've been working with Priyav and [the MyChessTutor coaches), for a few weeks now. The entire process - from my first introduction and consultation through to the lessons themselves - has been incredibly professional, smooth and efficient. They are both obviously incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and although I'm an adult beginner, I've never been made to feel incompetent or incapable. [They] made my learning curve easy and much faster than I'd imagined it would be. We progress at just the right pace for me, so that I feel as though I'm stretched and steadily improving and learning, but never totally out of my depth. It's been a great deal of fun too, and I look forward to the rest of this journey. I can't recommend MyChessTutor highly enough.

2. I'm really enjoying my experience with MyChessTutor. Every weekend I get personalized, one-on-one lessons with an expert player (and great teacher and nice guy) and they're geared for development and strategy - not just memorizing moves. It helps me understand reasons behind plays and what best practices are playing at any time. I appreciate and enjoy chess a lot more than I did before, and I'm getting better at it too. Thanks!

3. My game was not advancing like I wanted so I turned to MyChessTutor. It was the best decision ever. [The coaches] were able to breakdown the game and put me on the right track to winning chess. Highly recommend.

4. I’ve really enjoyed working with MyChessTutor. In the few months I’ve been taking lessons I have increased over 150 ELO points on my chess.com blitz profile and have come a long way in organizing how I think about my approach to every game and move that I play. They have also helped me to find opportunities to begin playing in tournaments and to begin developing my USCF standing. I am looking forward to continuing to work with them.

5. One of the best chess teachers for the value! Very intelligent! Very patient! I am 55 years old and [they] understands how to keep [their] teaching methods to suit my needs! Very energetic! For all ages I would very highly recommend!

...and many, many more 5-star reviews!


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