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Another walks in my footfalls, an antipode; Innately diametric and yet identical in every regard. The conceptual infinite fascinates me, a postulation of an everlasting nothingness which is inherently everything. 

There comes a time in one's life when you realise that the concepts of Nothing and Everything are one and the same on an infinite scale. Life and Death are mere extensions of this a linear scale where they are the same measure of existence every day we live we are slowly dying. 

Here are some lovely quotes from friends of mine:


"Max eats baby beavers" 

 "I eat flies" 




"Max improved at chess too fast. Ended up at -1/12 elo"


"An entity of Max nobility to be sure! However, has ascribed adjectives most untoward toward non-sentient beings namely myself. "Crazy but cool person" such hath named me, them being merely an oxygen atom from the fluffy yet metallic remains of a now freezing sheep. Posessive of clear merit in observation, but retaining a truly inauspicious route of rapport. 1stly, I resent the notion of colloquially-phrased insanity; I maintain a tangible exsitence of an insect, preceding my extradition to a bughouse - where my capture merely ceased my existence on a plane, but not of entiretly - my reincarnation reliant on the 4th dimension*quantum implausibility. 2ndly, the colloquial cool, contrary to fahrenheit/celsius/kelvin, incommensurable in nature, is inascribable to my intangible self. The aforementioned sheep is cool, having its tungsten replaced with carbon, thus giving it life but removing its wool. 

The true existential plight Max has reacquainted me is only the dissent of one's tangible and intangible beings. Bereft of wool the tangible is freezing, else inverse: the intangible resides in tungsten. Therefore, the 2 beings are mutually exclusive, yet codependent for existence; physical autonomy and sentience are infinitely mutually exclusive, in addition to equally intangible via infinity. 

No worries Max my friend! Water under the bridge in a lucena endgame. I'll keep the hydrogen, and I'll grant you the oxygen, to be adjacent to the other. May a being prosper being of wool and iron. Best of days friend!😊 "


""The world bores you when you’re cool in my sombrero." Calvin Klein "

(Work in progress) 

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