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Greetings dear chess players! Do you want to improve your chess with the help of a coach?

I have received numerous lessons from Magnus Carlsen´s first coach GM Simen Agdestein and have been to professional Russian chess camps where the coaches are strong grandmasters. I have taken what I have learned from them and have recently begun coaching myself.

What I will help you with:

  • I can teach you plans in the middle game arising out of the opening that you play.
  • I can expand your knowledge of practical and theoretical endgames
  • I can analyze your games and find ways to improve your thinking process in chess
  • I can support you during tournaments and prepare against your opponent
  • I can expand your opening repertoire

I am looking primarily for players in the rating range 1700-2200. If you are interested in coaching just hit me up at my email or send me a message on and we will get in touch!

If you want to watch education chess videos you can follow my streams on twitch and check out my YouTube channel by pressing on the following icons:

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