Hello. As you know, I am @rohithbala and this is my About Me. So..... What do people really do here? I guess I will just list a few stuff and that's it.

Alright, let's begin with clubs I am staff of that deserve a nice mention.

 Official Administrator of Club Wars

I am the manager for the Medieval Event for Club Wars. I made up the medieval event myself based off an old video game on my rusty old PC, "Kingdoms and Lords." When it came back to my memory, I turned it up into an idea, and presented it to @Nightly-Knight who is the owner of Club Wars. He accepted it and I became an admin for Club Wars, managing the Medieval Event, as well as creating the idea of a website for Club Wars, which is now a major hub, where you can find a leaderboard, sign-up information for events, and more!

ᄃレひ乃 Wム尺丂 Official Club

 Super Admin of Your Worst Knightmare

On a nice normal day, when I was pretty new to, only a few months in, I was messaged by the owner of Your Worst Knightmare (YWK for short) @25GSchatz22 for a job offer as admin. I accepted and became the moderator for YWK. Over time I became trusted and became a SA for the club.

Your Worst Knightmare