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QOTD: What are you afraid of?

Are you below 1000? Are you reading this? Then, I want to tell you that anything is possible, I used to be 700 bullet, 800 blitz, and 900 rapid, I kept playing and I've also experienced many tilts. But the best part was, I got to play with better players and that's how I improved. Over time, I made my way to 1600 bullet, 1200 blitz and 1300 rapid and this is a huge accomplishment from my previous rating range.

Don't just retire after you reach your goals, don't stop playing if you start to tilt. Tilts are natural and it might mean you're having a bad day, if you keep trying, you might do wonders and maybe you can grind further than your previous rating before the tilt.(I'm questioning that statement)

Ok, now enough inspiration. (btw if you want to contact me, feel free to message me and I accept all friend requests happy.png)


Are you bad at chess:   yes

Are you popular: No

Are you just stalling to lengthen this description: maybe

You're probably thinking "wow such a small community" but all profiles start small, and grow with the support of amazing people like you. Make this the fastest growing profile in the entirety of And please follow me.


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Hedgehogs are so cute ikr

I don't block anyone but reasonable behavior would include swearing, and spamming. I might give you warnings and delete your notes or I could just ban you from my profile which I probably won't unless it's severe.


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