I have been playing chess since 1990 (since the age of 5). I'm a semi-professional player and a chess coach. I'm here to relax . So don't expect a prominent play from me. But I won't make my moves like a beginner as well.  100% human play, I'm too old and lazy to cheat. In Live chess I'm a vigorous flag player. I HATE Fischer time controls (they give slow players more chances and this is absolutely wrong) and always have terrible rating drops when I play them. I don't like Arena format much, it is not about good play or chess skills it is about player's stamina. I don't play for the dead and half-dead teams and I won't admin any lethargic team I just have no time and desire to do the way. career:

Online chess: TMC 2010 Second prize winner (Slavic Pride). Had 5 medals as Vasyl_Puzanov [my previous nickname here and real name] (2009-2011) Daily chess elo max: 2458 (nickname: Vasyl_Puzanov, 2009) 5th Thematic Tournament - Benko Gambit (2001-2200) - Final round. 4th place. (nickname: Vasyl_Puzanov, 2009)

Live chess:

Wood League Division Champion, Stone League Division Champion, Bronze League Division Champion, Silver League Division Champion, Crystal League Division Champion, Elite League Division Champion. More than 100 medals in regular live chess com tournaments. 

Bullet elo max: 2106

Blitz elo max: 2004

Rapid elo max: 2045

Fischer chess | Chess 960 elo max:  2020


Puzzles elo max: 2068