Disabled club invitations, you guys asked for it.

Anyone who still invites me to their club gets an immediate block.  

Also, I will not accept random challenges, I mostly only accept challenges if you are higher rated than me. If you want to play me, I will most likely not accept. 

Not accepting new Students. Sorry. If you are looking for teaching, I suggest you get lessons from @ChristianA1972 or another very strong chess player. club: 


QUOTES BY PEOPLE: (inspired by @Aza-Kun)


@Aza-Kun "wait is this inspired by my bio" 

@Phantom_Beast23 "Oh my goodness I said no mayonnaise where's is the damn manager you had one job"

@RoyalKnight101 "what doesn't kill me only makes me crazier" 

@Yurinclez "Those who tell you to step out from your comfort zone will refuse to be blamed when your effort ends up in failure." 

@hvenki "feet are kind of hot if i'm being totally transparent"

@gullupakka "why we suffer" 

@aMazeMove ". . ."

@Checked99 "every chess master was once a beginner"

@puppers405 "Insert random quote" 

@BradleyTREX "Losing is technically winning" 

@SpacePodz "bruh"

@TonyL103 "Lol mushrooms are the worst" 

@Bren-Phoenix-187 "I I had a dream once I was asleep I died" 


@barondali "Hey look, I'm in @FMLarry's bio!"

@y4bo1 "edfhgekjgvhkzjfhw is the pinnacle of human ability"

@itsRainbow "this bio is the cringiest thing i've ever seen in my entire life" 

@Legendary_Chicken1  "I once had a dream and what I did what swim in mud while eating an apple and dying of fall damage"

@Kadenstarr "@fmlarry and amine have one thing in common, they both make no sense" 

@JackRoach "JackRoach quotes:"

@IcyAvaleigh "that moment when you have no useful quote"

@W0m3nR3sp3ct0r "All po po times are pe pe times but contrary to what you may believe not all pe pe times are po po times" 


@Visani-centellas "Exchange+1" 

@Rorsaaaaa "Doggo is cute" 

@Slayer1483 "A definition of a man is not where he stands at comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy" 

@red "get good"



"Yo bro I beat a GM today!"

"Bro that's awesome! You're only an IM but you beat a GM!"


"Who did you beat?"


"Wait what"