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54 year old Hobby player. id is SRP178 (same avatar) rated 1578 rapid                              I prefer as a chess site. but I have also because of chessbase 15 database software Played a few week-enders but not enough to get a fide  OTB rating..

learnt the moves  aged 7. scored 85% against my teacher and father. (they were novices but still adults)

In 1973 played for a month in a chess craze that hit my primary school. (undefeated against my peers except for the boy murphy had 3 losses to him. (he had read some chess books) MIssed most of school that year because I was always in hospital. Boy murphy left town and none of my peers would play me.

Didn't start playing chess properly until I went to the old Cairns chess club in 1986 when I was 21.

The club lasted 12 months. Played some correspondence chess with the CCLA and ICCF.

As I aged ive just got worse at playing chess.  since I haven't studied it. just played. 

It may be the fact that my brain is just too hard-wired now. I usually have a blunder in my game, which undermines the good aspects of my game. I am on a Disability Pension so its hard to afford a coach.

At 7 years old asked my parents to find me a chess coach. mother  was against spending money on a game. So I have never had coaching. except a couple of lessons from a friend.


ive have a library of 140 books and 80 dvds 20 downloads (supporting the Masters while they help others). read very little. but starting to go through them  >>> ultimate goal is 1800 then 2000 ELO.

My favorite Victorian Player (Romantic era) is englishman Joseph Henry Blackburne

He learnt chess at the age of 21 and beat World Champion Lasker in the same year in a tournament game. JHB was ranked number 2 to 5th in the world thoughout his career. (with that he only looked for a move that would do the job not the best move (computer style) Lasker was the only player stopping JHB from being World Champion. Lasker held the Crown for longer than any player in  history.


Favorite players circa. 1950-2000 AD

Attacking Kasparov (GOAT greatest Queen exponent at turning the tide)) 2 big bites.

Hypermodern Karpov (THE best with black pieces compared to Kasparov) nibbles.

Classical Fischer (Top 20 had a chance to beat fischer.  GOAT at beating weaker PLAYERS) 

Im studying fischer first (classical) since he was best without a computer. a legend.

Innovative Korchnoi (the best fighting spirit and counter attacker) prefers minor pieces.

Powerplay Bronstein (the scorcerer)

Judit Polgar is the best womens player in history and no reason why men and women cant play the same tournaments. 

My favorite Australian Player is Ian Rogers who was ranked 5 to 10 before he retired

from professional play. Chess in Australia is not Government backed. and 28 million population produces just a few Grandmasters. (chess outside of the capitals will not get you norms or titles)

I judge players at the 40+ year of age mark Example being the 136 game world championship between Kasparov and Karpov >>> Karpov did extremely well against a younger Kasparov/

IT will be interesting to see the performance of Magnus Carlsen and the others once they reach the age of 40. I wish them a long prosperous life. He truly is the Mozart of chess.

The only thing a OTB World Champion has not done is to also win the World Correspondence title.                                                      



my philosophy of civilisation   (4 cornerstones  science vs religion)

it is the basis of any religion (dialogue between faiths)) and any atheist can also agree with it (science).

in terms of the economy. society falls apart if you try to run the corner stones at a profit or at to much deficit.. the 4 key centre squares (research and development) must drive and fund the cornerstones of  a nations economy. the domestic economy is the centre 16 squares. the science hub is the 4 centre squares. (science and an improved life before money) USA Capitalism is flawed. and other ideologies (communism and Islamic fundmentalism plus fascism) are bad for society. Democarcy is good.

spring children                 Government

summer compassion        Health

autumn civil                      Justice

winter charity                    Education

FOUR   universal principles of nature.   C=mathematical symbol of light

This is just an idea.

10  (Heaven)                (2+2 past)

01 (creation))   x 10 x  (2x2 present)  = 360 degrees (Circle) (symbol of enlightenment))

(binary switch)             (2^2 future)      

                                     (each dimension is a binary switch)           

9 dimensions (28 pLaces) 29th place square queen stands on being time.

diagonal 2 squares longer than a side. past- present or present-future. ?