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  • | Sep 8, 2011

What should I do now to improve my skills?... What videos will help my Endgame?... Which Mentor Courses will make me a better strategist? At my level, should I be playing more - or studying more?...

... Sound familiar? Well, wonder no longer:

Study Plans bring uncertainty and aimlessness to an end, charting a clear path to chess improvement! Let's face it: There is a huge wealth of information & learning tools on Chess.com, and these plans will help you navigate through it, with two goals:

  • to reveal the very best material for your current skill level, and...
  • to unify that content so that diverse yet complementary activities reinforce each other for high-impact learning and fast improvement!


    Plans for Beginning Players (Ratings < 1399)

      #1 Beyond the Basics

      #2 Beginners: The Opening!

      #3 Beginners: Tactics!

      #4 Beginners: Strategy!

      #5 Beginners: The Endgame!

      #6 Beginners: Bringing It All Together!


      Plans for Intermediate Players (Ratings 1400-1799)

        #1 Intermediate: The Opening!

        #2 Intermediate: Strategy!

        #3 Intermediate: Tactics!

        #4 Intermediate: The Endgame!

        #5 Intermediate: Bringing It All Together!

        Advanced players, stay tuned for more Study Plans, coming eventually...


        • 17 months ago


        • 17 months ago


          Advanced players, stay tuned for more Study Plans, coming eventually...

          ZZZZZZ..... my body would have rotten away into nothingness when eventually comes by...

          let me see the advanced one beofore I DIE!!!

        • 17 months ago


          How Do You Mack Trophys

        • 17 months ago


          Chess is REALLY coolSmile

        • 17 months ago



        • 17 months ago


          Whens expert coming out?Cool

        • 17 months ago


          It seems a good list. 

        • 17 months ago


          Good advice, that. Tongue Out

        • 17 months ago


          start playing games .... study the beginners course .....

        • 17 months ago


          Hw can i get started

        • 18 months ago


          Can these designs be copied and shared with team members

        • 18 months ago


          Foot in Mouth  Money Mouth   Tongue Out

        • 18 months ago


        • 18 months ago


          And where would that be, Genius?

        • 18 months ago


          Don't forget about the now famous Chess.com University. Each class comes with a thorough study plan :)

        • 18 months ago


          Thanks for these links webmaster.. I have saved them and will make some time to slowly work through them. My chess is so bad lately.. am going backwards. :( 

        • 18 months ago


          G'day croc.. . which series is that? 

        • 18 months ago


          there are billions of chess webpages out there and so simply go find an advanced study plan and start work on it. This will achieve two things you will learn more about chess and be better prepared to make better use of the chess.com advanced study plan...

          Better yet buy that amazing study plans series of books everyone is raving about and work through them, the author needs your contributions $$$ ...

        • 18 months ago


          "Can you get the advanced plan done before next month?"

          "Give me a few seconds", each the crew members would reply.

          Sorry, companies face difficulty in finding employees as youngsters are picky about salaries.

          They need quality and huge quantity! Be enlisted, Chess.com needs you!

          Note: Here second carries the meaning of assistant, not an unit of a physical quantity.

        • 18 months ago


          إنها مجرد لعبة تكشف حالتنا اللحظية والنفسية ولا علاقة لها بنجاح الشخص في الحياة ولا تدل الهزيمة على الغباء ولا النصر على الذكاء... أحب كل الناس           .......... !أحمد    Just a game! winner not sure is the better....Ahmed

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