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  • | Sep 8, 2011

What should I do now to improve my skills?... What videos will help my Endgame?... Which Mentor Courses will make me a better strategist? At my level, should I be playing more - or studying more?...

... Sound familiar? Well, wonder no longer:

Study Plans bring uncertainty and aimlessness to an end, charting a clear path to chess improvement! Let's face it: There is a huge wealth of information & learning tools on Chess.com, and these plans will help you navigate through it, with two goals:

  • to reveal the very best material for your current skill level, and...
  • to unify that content so that diverse yet complementary activities reinforce each other for high-impact learning and fast improvement!


    Plans for Beginning Players (Ratings < 1399)

      #1 Beyond the Basics

      #2 Beginners: The Opening!

      #3 Beginners: Tactics!

      #4 Beginners: Strategy!

      #5 Beginners: The Endgame!

      #6 Beginners: Bringing It All Together!


      Plans for Intermediate Players (Ratings 1400-1799)

        #1 Intermediate: The Opening!

        #2 Intermediate: Strategy!

        #3 Intermediate: Tactics!

        #4 Intermediate: The Endgame!

        #5 Intermediate: Bringing It All Together!

        Advanced players, stay tuned for more Study Plans, coming eventually...


        • 15 months ago


          advanced has to come. OR ELSE

        • 16 months ago


          Just don't give up on your track of improvement and you will be GM. I belive anyone can achieve that title. Just be maniac(in term of practising).


        • 16 months ago



        • 16 months ago


          To all of you,guy`s & doll`s, Stay put and learn. Keep your thoughts,for the game.

        • 16 months ago


          The thing about chess is that after the basics, to do advanced work, there are so many things to list, and if you study them you may still never become "advanced". I know a guy that studied chess for most of each day and could not crack the 2100 USCF level, because he was studying "the wrong things". Lower rated players need patience, persistence, self criticism and someone to open their eyes. At the 1600-1700 USCF level, a coach will do you wonders because they can pinpoint weaknesses and direct you in the right directions.

          So, I doubt that "advanced plans" will be here because things take on an individual nature.

        • 16 months ago


          its called capitalism aldamus, if you arent getting the product you desire you quit giving them your money. hardly whining. sounds like you should go back to highschool and learn basic economics.

        • 16 months ago


          Relax and get over it - what a bunch of whining children here..."Where is the advanced plan? I'm going to downgrade, this sux"  <------ grow up you frickin children

        • 16 months ago


          I'm tire of waiting for the advanced study plans, this is rediculous. They were coming soon for years, and now they've been coming eventually for months.  

        • 16 months ago


          why this is not updated?

        • 16 months ago


          2 months later I will need to pay for premium again.I shall downgrade it from platinum to good in response to the lack of advanced study plan.

        • 16 months ago


        • 17 months ago


          this is the most worst thing of all.

        • 17 months ago


          You should use your OTB rating (preferably FIDE or USCF).

        • 17 months ago


          take your lowest rating (without bullet).

          anyway it's always a good idea to repeat the basics, so do them both.

        • 17 months ago


          How do I compare my rating against the level of this course? Say my online rating is 1600, that wouldn't mean I can perform as well in live chess. So should the <1399 course be for one specific rating?

        • 17 months ago


          sisu's summaries after the lessons are the best, I never got that from other coaches.

        • 17 months ago


          they should do hard study plans

        • 17 months ago


          Sent here by a friend :-) If this were a book I would purchase it! 

        • 17 months ago


          Someone asked for advanced study plans, so that's what i gave them. Made a million last week from these services Laughing.

        • 17 months ago


          @sisu: Please don't spam forums by advertising your teaching services.

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