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Adding weight to pieces

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    You're absolutely right. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfg0uQbvld4 Incredible. Now exchanging the weights is back on the agenda. Oh boy, what should I do...

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    What I'm also asking myself, how does the lead stick to the pieces? If you just pour it inside, will it somehow blend with the wood? Otherwise the lead might fall out if you lift the pieces, because I cannot imagine, how the felt alone will hold the lead.

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    As I noted, Jaques weights were screwed in, so the pieces have a thread. That thread will serve to hold the lead in.

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    Okay, now I understand what you mean by thread. But this would mean I would have trouble holding the pieces inside without glueing them, if you look at the photos of the inside of my pawn.

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    I use a white glue (Elmer's) or an epoxy, both of which will bond fairly well to the metal.  If the weight is flush with the bottom, and the felt is glued over it, they stay quite well unless you play against a piece-slammer or drop one on the floor (which should never happen with wood pieces.)

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    What I meant is, I cannot glue a piece of lead, if I melt it into the pawns base. I could put the glue in the base, before the melting process, but that would most likely burn the glue. I don't think that glue goes conform with high temperature.

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    You could always widen the top of the inside of the hole , so that it forms an inverted cone. That way the weights can't slip out. I've seen this on an old chess set.

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    Using a drill press, drill a pilot hole down through the center of the lead and into the chess piece, countersink it, drive in a wood screw. You could do this with a pre-formed lead disc too; make the hole in the base of the piece slightly bigger than the lead disc and you don't have to worry about expansion and contraction of the wood causing it to split, and it eliminates the hassle of messing with molten lead too.

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