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Replacing Chronos Buttons

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    Does anyone know if/where one can buy new buttons for the Chronos clock? The old style push down buttons, not the newer metal buttons. I have a recollection that people used to change the button colors on their Chronos, but I can't find on the web where to purchase buttons.

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    I hate to give Sam any business given how he mistreated me and many other customers, but I want to help you.


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    Wow, thanks chessml7, better late than never I guess? Did you notice that I asked my question 5 years ago? I have long since replaced the buttons on my Chronos. I have ordered from samtimer.com and never had a problem.

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    It took Sam almost a year to respond to my request for button replacement (had to search for "Chronos clock repair" on the internet to get to this forum to find SamTimer.com.  People were right about Sam responding to SamTimer email rather than Chronosdealer email).  Glad you didn't have any problem with Sam.  I think as long as one orders from Sam without any issues, you wouldn't have the misfortunate of having to deal with him personally.  Had I sent in the clock for a simple switch snap-in "repair" for $39.99 and waited weeks/months for the clock to be returned, there wouldn't have been any problem either.

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    As much as I don't want to do business with Chornos and Samtimer given their appalling customer services, until a better clock is available, we need a Chronos clock button switch...

    After almost one year of putting up with Chronos, they told me to send in my clock for repair for merely a broken switch (the part with the plastic blue cross-shape on top) for $39.99 when they could just sell me the switch that we can simply snap on.  We have the black button, just need the switch that connects the button to the clock.  So if there was someone with a broken clock who wants to sell the switch for a reasonable price, please let me know.  The last thing I want to do is to send the clock to Chronos and wait months, let alone the thought of giving them further business for how they have treated me and other Chronos users.  (They told me they would contact the authorities when I asked if I could go by their office to get the switch repaired since we are local to avoid having to wait for the clock to be returned.  I have always been polite in my correspondence, so not sure why they felt threatened.  Most businesses would welcome their customers for making their job easier.)  Thank you.

    Note:  As far as I know, their $39.99 repair is a flat-rate no matter the extent of the repair.  So if anyone was going to send it in for repair anyway, having a missing switch shouldn't cost you more.

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