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How to get the FEN?

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    Why is not possible to get the FEN of a lesson diagram?

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    What do you mean lesson diagram? Do you mean like his?

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    Click PGN then this stuff wil pop out it will sort a look like this


    [RESULT *]

    [FEN .................................]

    And more stuff but just copy the things between FEN and the bracket and there is your FEN (Don't copy the word FEN though it will mess it up)

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    No, I refere to the Chess Mentor lessons diagrams like that above.

    As you can see no PGN button is present and you don't get it even by the vs Computer button. Moreover, the PGN button, where is available, don't show the FEN field in it.

    However, I embed static diagrams in my html pages capturing a screenshot by Windows Capture. 

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    I'm not sure about those sorry but if I find a way to that I'll let you know.

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