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What is Chess Mentor and why this new forum?

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    Thanks man, I thought of it myself. lol

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    I just took their "10 Free Lessons" (it seemed more like 15-20!) and I found it to be similar to "How to Reassess Your Chess", which I love, and I am thinking of joining for the year. 

    Are there any here who found significant ratings increase from the lessons?

    I love Silman's writing and teaching style, and all the samples that were given to me were from Silman.  The rating ended up 1680, which, for me, made me :)

    I know it is but a reference point to work from, but if anyone has testimony of specific increase in rating, for example, over a 3 to 6 month period of time, please let me know. 



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    A 'pause' setting, where you can close out your session and return later to that point would be useful.  I often find the sessions long, and I'd like to be able to take a break without resorting to giving up on the lesson.


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    sftac wrote:

    A 'pause' setting, where you can close out your session and return later to that point would be useful.  I often find the sessions long, and I'd like to be able to take a break without resorting to giving up on the lesson.


    Just log out if you need a break.  Your lesson is saved right where you left it and the big red incomplete reminds you to finish it.  You don't "give up" anything except the few seconds it takes to mouseclick back.

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    I'm having problems with the filtering function. 

    It's new, and it's a great idea. But I'm not getting it to work correctly. 

    Just for the sake of testing it, I set the filter to limit to problems <1000. But I'm still getting problems at 1700 and 1800. 


    Any ideas? Is there a missing instruction? Is the function not quite working yet? 

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    Chess Mentor is a great training system by Chess.com.

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    NoPawnlntended wrote:

    @DavW I must respectfully disagree, Chess.com is obviously the best website.

    That's true!

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    I like the program & am enjoying the training!  Laughing

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    I liked the demo problems.

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    Chess mentor is brilliant. JUst because of this tool, i have got 3rd rank all over the delhi. Thanks, the creators of chess mentor

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    This may be answered in another thread, but is chess Mentor limited for free members? I have been using it a lot, but now seem to be cut off. Will this be for good until I upgrade, (which I do intend to do, just cant justify the cost right now as I have other obligations to tend to), or will it be available for free again later?

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    I believe yes, it's limited. I didn't even think it was available for free at all.  Chess Mentor is one of the primary reasons I bought a premium membership.  It's fantastic, and will do wonders for your game.

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    I didnt think so either, but it kept letting me play a few turns. Awsome program. When I do up grade, Ill look forward to it. So, I guess Ive used up my freebies then...dang! Oh well Ill keep plugging away at my three tactics trainer daily sessions.

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    GREAT JOB! Loving the new mentor.

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    I've been doing Chess Mentor for a long time--excellent feature! Thos of u who are complaining should fork over the do re mi and become paid members.

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    I would luv 2 c a chess mentor course on pawn structures. I know chess.com has videos on the subject but it would be great to back them up with chess mentor.

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    If I upgrade to Chess Mentor Does that mean I don't have to read Reasses your Chess by Jeremy Stilman?

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    OK... Sorry about that. Here is a serious question. I'm looking at "Chess Mentor Course" page. As far as I know I've completed , for example, "Beginners Tactics". Even though I went through the whole course the %done column indicates I've completed only 60%. Am I missing something? Is it because I made an incorrect move? How do I complete it?

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    There is a glitch where if the first move was an automatic free one it doesn't show it as completed. to get by this you have to make sure you make the move instead of hitting the next button. so say its a course about the sicilian, and the author gives you the first move for free, instead of hitting next to play 1.e4 make sure you play 1.e4 yourself.

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    I've read in the forum that the Chess Mentor is part of the IPad app. When will it be available for the Android version?

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