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Caro-Kann Study Group (1.e4 c6)

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    Hi I hope it's ok to post this here. I'm looking to take up the caro-kann classical BF5 variation. I have the starting out book. I prefer solid, quite, positional lines could you recommend me a book to follow on from the starting out book please? The move by move would have been perfect but unfortunately it only covers the modern ND7 as the mainline variation and apparently the grandmaster repurtouie lars schandorff covers sharp tactical lines.

    What book would you recommend?


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    Chess Mentor only goes as far as h4.

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    What do you suggest, then?

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    ilikecapablanca wrote:

    What do you suggest, then?

    Do not listen to mashanator. He has no idea what he is talking about.

    The move 8.h5 is mainline theory in the Classical variation.

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    Quick draw against the computer just now. I'm thinking about making the Caro-Kann my go-to defence against e4 but I haven't strayed outside of the book/main lines yet. I've recently become frustrated with the French and I'm beginning to find that black has a much easier time equalizing in the Caro-Kann but it's also much harder to go on the offensive. If anyone has any pet lines outside of the main line theory that they would like to share, I would love to try them out. 

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    Caro-Kann is "alive and kicking" and scores well for black:


    You can study two games with the CK Advance-Short Variation (3...Bf5 4.Nf3) and one draw with the CK Classical Variation, Lobron System (10...e6 11. Bd2 Ngf6 12.O-O-O Be7)

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    mashanator wrote:

    I can understand how you misinterpreted what I said, but if you took more than a few seconds to read what I said, you would realise I meant ...h5 for Black after h4, as Rogue_King pointed out.

    You did not show a diagram.

    You did not say 6...h5.

    You did not say ...h5.

    You said h5.

    Which is a move white plays.

    If you ment playing 6...h5 by black in this position is bad than you are correct.

    Black should play 6...h6 in response to whites 6.h4.

    However my misinterpretation came from your misrepresentation.

    Which means if I am at fault you are at fault as well.

    I have played this line for about half a year. If I can misinterpret what you said after playing it for that long.

    What do you think a beginner will do? Just saying.

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    In this position a good line for Black is:

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    You need to watch out for this variation--from a 15 minute per game game 

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    Thanks for sharing your blog, Walter. That first Nisipeanu game gave me the idea for g5 in the advance variation. Here's my win against the computer just now.

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