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Caro-Kann Study Group (1.e4 c6)

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    Hahaha....your bishop move along the long diagonal that last game cracked me up.  Good games.

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    Heres a recent carokann game I had. My opponent wanted to make things boring by not really attacking, just developing. Unfortunately in the carokann that's a death sentence because positionally blacks just better, and even if you press for an attack black has better attacking chances. Here's my game with annotations.


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    Does anyone has a game against the 1.e4 c6 2.f4 line? thanks

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    Somewhere. I play d5 and if e5 then c5 immediately if that helps.

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    Woah nice job taking that free queen elemental. The carokann was no match for you Wink

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    To the OP . Thanks very much for the idea. I employed the c5 move and it worked. I got a playable middle game and even won against a village chess champion. Winning the day-long mini-match 8-3 and two draws. Lossing only 1 game out of 6 as black in the caro-kann.

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    Konhidras, good for you! Have you joined the Caro-Kann Study Group yet? Please do. It's open to all. Thx

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    Nice job Konhodras! Hopefully you can post some of those games here for the group to see.

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