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Caro-Kann Study Group (1.e4 c6)

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    I'm very confused... But I was working through some positions that can also transpose from CK and Centre-Counter openings. The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit as well as the Burns and Bronstien Variations with gxf6 pawn structure.

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    How do you block someone? Specifically, Mr. Thomas Wang.

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    Yang...anyway, click on the persons profile, and under their avatar is the block button.

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    Just joined your group. thanks dude.:)

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    Ormiston313 wrote:

    How do you block someone? Specifically, Mr. Thomas Wang.

    :( I just wanted to make some fun

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    Yang... Yeah, I knew that's how to spell it but wang is funnier. And dude, you are annoying but I won't block you because you suddenly seem sincere.

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    Annoying is my best talent. But sometimes I don't know when to reserve it. :P

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    Well, you owe me. Join our Caro-Kann Study Group.

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    I was going to post my caro-kahn failure, but I've no idea how to make diagrams of the board and post them. P.s. I'm using the app.

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    I like to play this variation:

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    That is an excellent position Mr Maybe. Can actually reach similar positions from a ton of different openings. Master Silman has written some outstanding articles on it under his Classic Pawn Structure series here on chess.com. I highly recommend reading all of them if you play this.

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    Maybe_Player wrote:

    I like to play this variation:

    I just started looking into this line for white and it looks promising so far.

    With that said, my concern if it is one at all is the potential of giving black's rook reign of the g file if you are castled king side. Also, black could still castle queen side. How do you deal with that potential of king side attack by black? I'm going to give it a shot if black plays Nf6 anyway. Thx

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    Exchange variation


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