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Schara Gambit refutation?

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    I played the Schara gambit a few days ago and i tried a new move which i had found in the game fidler- Mayer Istvan that went 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5 4.cxd5 cxd4 5.dxe6 dxc3 6.exf7+ Ke7 7.fxg8N+ Rxg8 8.Bg5+ black resigns. Is there a way for black to improve this variation.

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    5. dxe6? Bxe6! When black is better.

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    Simply 5...Bxe6 and develop quickly and black has an advantage.

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    sorry but i really dont see where all of this compensation for the pawn is.

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    What pawn?

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    no not qxd4 nb5 to put pressure on the pawn than e3 and if he takes than you exchange queens up a pawn.

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    6.Nb5 loses the knight.

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    Yeah i guess that it really was a myth sorry still its a good trap to set for beginers.

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    Forget it. 5. Qa4+ followed by Qxd4 and white is better

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    Some people are willing to go through any logical contortion in order to avoid playing good openings.

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    i dont mean that it is something that i would actually play i agree that my myth was busted and i appologize for making you go through all this trouble. i will switch back to qa4 check against the schara. Again thank you for busting my myth before i lost a rated game with it. Signing off.

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    And i dont usually play terrible trappy openings  i just didnt analyse it properly. 

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    ifs not that its not playable its that white is in very bad shape by move five. Not a good recipe for success. Oh and Pfren i was talking about dxe6 not the Schara the Schara's certainly playable.

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