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Switching to d4? recommended lines?

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    There is nothing wrong with playing closed positions but, as always, you must be willing to play open ones when it's called for. Many d4 lines require white to push for sharp tactical confrontations if he wants an advantage, so it is better to just build a repertoire around what's best and adapt yourself to the play when needed. Many of Kallat's lines give black an easy game so here is a d4 repertoire that pushes a bit harder. Maybe you can find your own balance inbetween the two. 

    QGD exchange is worth basing your repertoire around while you're figuring things out. You can learn it in a day and it remains effective at any level. Your first focus learning it should be the Nge2 + f3 lines, then study the minority attack, and lastly after some practice learn how to play with Nf3 Re1 e4 or Nf3-e5. Later on if you want to switch to the Catalan you won't need to do so while updating the rest of your repertoire, which is nice because black has a LOT of freedom in the Catalan and there are many variations.

    Against the Slav you should stick to main lines. 2...c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3. For slav proper: 4...dxc4 5. a4 Bf5 6. Ne5 is the most challanging way to play (the dutch line is good, but black's plan is very simple and easy to keep together). Chess.com is weird where almost everyone plays the dutch but over on ICC 90% of games that go this far continue 6...Nbd7 7.Nxc4 Nb6 8. Ne5 a5 

    For the semi-slav everyone and their brother knows the Meran so I say just jump into the deep end and learn your way in the botvinnik and anti-moscow variations.

    The Grunfeld just go into the exchange variation with Rb1 and gambit a pawn. The resulting positions really test the chess knowledge of both sides.

    KID the bayonet attack is strong and the main line with Ng5-e6 teaches you a lot about chess. The Saemisch is another extremely principled variation that somehow walks a fine line between being closed/positional and aggressive/sharp at the same time. Plus black KID players hate being on the recieving end of the massive king side attack.

    QGA just follow up with Nf3 e3 and Bxc4 and look at the lines where the bishop retreats early to b3. IQP positions are extremely fun to play if you get one otherwise just destroy blacks queen side pawn structure and collect to win.

    Benoni is a bit of a challange lately. The old standard of d5 Nc3 e4 h3 Nf3 Bd3 is in poor condition lately since black just plays b5 Nxe4 and Qa5+ rapidly simplifying into a position where white is only slightly better but black has the easier game. The two main alternatives are to either play with Nf3 Bf4 h3 and e3 where white gets good piece placement but black gets more time to coordinate and prevent e4-e5, or to play an early Nfd2 and f3.

    Benko gambit- fianchetto the bishop and play Rb1. Familiarize yourself with the common tactics around the discovery against the a8 rook and how to hold the d pawn without spending too much energy protecting it or pushing e4. When done right the prescribed set-up neuters all of black's activity and his well placed pieces don't count for much compared to your extra pawn.

    Dutch- the main lines arn't so hard to learn and you don't need to know that much theory. White fianchettos even though the bishop is quite lame on g2 or else faces a massive attack. Stonewall relies on pieces to defend the dark squares, so after a few trades black will have weaknesses. Leningrad is all about preventing black from playing e5 without concessions (so either d5 to take en passant and remove the e pawn permanently, or b3 Bb2 to put pressure on e5).

    Nimzo - e3 heads for an IQP, Qc2 maintains pawn structure at the cost of development. Ultimately the Nimzo is a massively powerful drawing weapon so once you can play QGD with Nf3 learn lines against the bogo/QID instead.

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    All the stupid trolling is what is sad about forums. Go out and troll in real life. This forum should be for serious people who don't leave their house.

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    You still don't understand , do you?Understanding has nothing to do with titles.There are IMs and NMs that have a GMs understanding in chess.But competitive chess needs much more than understanding and one of them is the ability to totally commit yourself for chess.It is almost impossible to have to go 8 hours to work every day and be a GM unless you have a work that provides  unlimited vacation and unlimited money(or you happen to have them).At 80's if you were born in countries like Greece , it was impossible to become GM.There were no GM norm tournaments here and that means you should travel and pay , travel and pay , travel and pay.Who could do that ?

                 I will repeat ,many IMs  have a GM understanding and only the ignorants and the fools can't understand that.  

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    No-one should pay any attention to Bankwell, I've seen him spouting rubbish without reading other people's posts before. He seems to be creepily dedicated to spending his life to mewling after recognition on an Internet forum for a BOARD GAME that he sucks at.

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    If I were an IM, I'd get it tattooed on my forehead.

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    I see trolls everywhere on the internet.

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    alexlaw wrote:

    i'm not sure about this but almost in every post IM pfren posts, there seems to be some war going on...

    Don't be silly and why try to stir things up?

    Anyone who comes on here for chess reasons would undoubtedly value pfren's contributions.

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    I would play 6.e3 in the slav.

    If you don't get 6.e3 then 6.Ne5 won't make any sense.

    I would play the Meran just because most people will either let you play e4 because they don't know what they're doing or you just sac a pawn and knock them out because they don't know what they're doing.

    If they do know what they're doing then at least you have compensation

    The Botvinnik is just of game of who can memorize more...

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