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How to claim a draw by repetition?

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    Just click 'offer draw', and if the position is a draw by three fold rep then it will be declared a draw there and then.

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    Monty I think you have to make the move first and then claim the draw.  The computer may need to see it concretely that it is a draw first before making it so.  Is it that the position repeated itself three times but not in a row?  I find many computer programs have a hard time with that rule.

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    monty82 wrote:

    I just found out how it works here. I have to submit my move first. Then my browser goes to the next game, so I have to go back to this game, where the "Claim draw" link has appeared.

    It's a bit different from how this works in OTB games (there you have to claim before you move), but it works.

    Yeah, it's slightly wrong on here.

    The problem is that you cant claim if you opponent is too quick and moves before you can get back to the game, and I suspect a conditional move will also mess it up.

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    I wonder what will happen with conditionalize moving when your move activates he's imidiate response and there is no draw cause on the 4th move the move was changed.

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    Ok then

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    the bug still hasn't been fixed

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    i decided to play for a draw and going by the desciption of the threefold rule on chess.com, i should have done enough to claim a draw. unfortunately however, chess.com did NOT tell me this (from wikipedia) --

    "In chess, in order for a position to be considered the same, each player must have the same set of legal moves each time"

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