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Looking for relayers of live chess events

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #23


    Hi, since the group is allready closed and I have some questions, I'll post them here.

    Are you still looking for people to relay?
    Since I have heaps of time, but no cash, would that mean that a diamond account would be offered? (if the relaying is done good ofcourse!)

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #25


    Thank you,

    I have applied for the group. Hope I can be usefull to chess.com.

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #26


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  • 10 months ago · Quote · #27


    Hi, how can I be a helper ?

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #29


    So zealandzen works for chess.com now?

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #30


    I will try=ThanxSmile

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #31


    I'm interested.

  • 8 months ago · Quote · #32


    Thanks for joining, htdavidht!

    Many fantastic tournaments are now in the relayers' sights and are suitable for many international time zones. Relayers post top games in Live for hundreds of viewers. It's fun and you get a membership upgrade for providing this service to Chess.com. It's an awesome group, so please write to me if you'd like more information. I hope you do!

  • 8 months ago · Quote · #33


    I'd have to be taught exactly how to do it, but would be interested in helping out if you still need people.

    I'm from Australia. 

  • 8 months ago · Quote · #34


    Thanks, PATOMARK! I'll send you info about the relaying group by private message!

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #35


    Patomark has become an awesome relayer in the LCP group! He knows how to put on a rockin' chess party in Live! 

    Our next 2 events are FIDE Grand Prix Tashkent (21 October-3 November) and the World Championship (8-25 November)!

    Great chess.com members from all time zones are welcome to apply to the relayers group. 


    Thank you!

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #36


    It's a fun group. That's no joke. Join http://www.chess.com/groups/home/live-chess-event-presenters

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #37


    time for me is limited... sorry I can't do it.

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #38


    I live in Sinai, asia. I can relay for you brothers. Can't wait to relay and enjoy and learn!  

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #39


    Hi relayer friends, you are doing great!

    I have a little suggestion: when you post games, captions are too long, so moving around tabs is difficult. Could you please shorten captions? Example:

    Tbilisi FIDE Grand Prix 2015 Round 7

    Tblisi GP 2015 Rd.7

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #40


    Thanks, underOATH. I'll be in touch.

    Good suggestion, haggardqwer. I've thought the same. 

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