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Looking for live relayers of chess events

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #23


    Hi, since the group is allready closed and I have some questions, I'll post them here.

    Are you still looking for people to relay?
    Since I have heaps of time, but no cash, would that mean that a diamond account would be offered? (if the relaying is done good ofcourse!)

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #25


    Thank you,

    I have applied for the group. Hope I can be usefull to chess.com.

  • 6 weeks ago · Quote · #26


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  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #27


    Hi, how can I be a helper ?

  • 3 weeks ago · Quote · #29


    So zealandzen works for chess.com now?

  • 3 weeks ago · Quote · #30


    I will try=ThanxSmile

  • 2 weeks ago · Quote · #31


    I'm interested.

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