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anyone can be a super GM

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    There indeed actually was a pretty cool win in there, brettregan, after White's 48th move (although it took a while for me to find it...all those check possibilities are numbing!)...


    - and there you go I could never ever be a chess master because in a million years without thousands and of years of " COACHING" - I would never have found that sequence of moves AndyClifton gave me because I would have thought the first move in the winning sequence would be to take the rook sacrificing my rook - then getting a queen and then spending the rest of the game putting the opponents king in check hoping for when I can eliminate his queen with a pin

    - now if I could or would have thought of Andy Cifton's sequence I might consider myself a higher class player but I didn't and I know myself - I would always think about taking that rook first

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    That's a lot of generations.

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    No they can't.

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    Super GM level requires much more than study. However, I believe that anyone can become a FM, or an IM with just a little talent. And Pyth, your comment is not true. First of all, untitled players do have a say, and I bet half the people here are better than you. Second of all, a lot of A class players DO say that. So please don't write comments that aren't true. 

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    With how some people early on said that ANYBODY can be a GM then why is there only 500 GMs out of the 7 billion people on earth which is roughly 1 person out of every 14 million people on earth and in terms of being a super GM I think I read somewhere there‘s only 8 Super GMs so odds are nearly 1in a billion of becoming a super GM what I think it takes is A LOT of effort and what would help is a mental illness such as aspergus which helps memory a lot because Bobby Fischer showed signs of aspergus which would also explain his 180 IQ and Kasparov said he had a mental illness which helped him memorise chess positions which. would probably be aspergus

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