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Can we MAKE money playing Chess?

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    Wish there was a way to make monet playing on line.  To easy for players to cheat I imagine.

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    That's funny, chess_gg!  Maybe thats the the best way.  Hustle.

    Does chesscube really work?  I believe they are around.

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

          Have you read his thread about Spending Money??  In a previous post, he stated his father paid $3500. for membership at The Marshall Chess Club. Does he elaborate on all the knowledge, and books he'll have access to. NO! he talks about the selection of Scotsch at the bar, and the bedrooms upstairs. He had a diamond membership here, before, by his own admission, but for some reason that's gone. He insults people who disagree with him. He's got a lot to learn about life, before he learns about chess.

    That was somebody else. Once again, you're getting your facts wrong.

    ANd no, it's not the same person using a different disposable account. The OP's account was created last April.

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

           No macer; my facts are fine. The OP was TacticalSymphony a few days ago. He was deleted, and now he's back as FatMelon.(one of your friends no doubt), Also Palm_Beetle was deleted, and I think he's back as Jen1066.

    Look on FatMelon's profile to see when he joined. Notice that he is a Premium member. Then think about how plausible your explanation is.

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    And no, palm_beetle wasn't deleted.


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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

          That just means he's sophisticated at hacking.

    More sophisticated than you are at making up excuses? Definitely.

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

         To NM aww-rats; As a member of your group,let me apologize for the childish behavior of Jen1066; can you please report this to staff, since a point from you would go farther than the same point from me.  Thank You!

    yes, of course you make aww-rats report him instead of you since you are too lazy to do it yourself. And then you make the childish exuse that he would have more influence than yourself. Isn't it ironic that you say he should get banned to having childish behavior?

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    I think we could use chess games to mine bitcoin, in fact I think chess.com is already using the live section for this purpose

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    good...now my chess hustling career can begin!

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