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Do engines learn?

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    Ok here's a side question to my original one. Are there engines that have a (for lack of a better word)- memory? It seems when I'm looking at the live analasys of mine I'll let it run for a few minutes in a position and when I go to the next move it sometimes takes a minute for the engine to re-learn the analysis it just made in the previous move.... Even when the game continuation is the move that was recommended!

    I would think that if the next move was already anyalized, the engine would already include the power that was already used in that line when the move is played...

    It's a bit of a technical issue and I'm definately not a computer person.

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    This memory effect you mentioned is handled by the engine's transposition table (commonly called the hash table). If the engine clears the hash table between moves, then it won't retain any memory between moves. A few engines use something called persistent hash, which attempts to save some of this information from move to move.

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    Hi everyone, to follow with this topic in a different way, i was wondering if it's possible for a chess engine to improve lines and variations. For example, after that an engine has been playing numerous games on a specific opening against another engine, can it select from statistics the move which has the best prospects or chance to win ? Thank you.

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    What's about the learn file used by some chess engines ?

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