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Don`t get fooled by appearance

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    You know those unexpected moves which are called "genius", "beautiful" like you can find in the game " 2011 Chinese Chess Championship - Zhao Jun vs Xiu Deshun " which is called a master piece of creativity. It`s not creativity. Such moves are found by simple (simple when you know how to think) routinized, methodical chess thinking techniques which consist of clever, short sentences that one must ask one self which all strong players knows. When these unexpected, "creative" moves excecuted at the board it looks creative but how can something that is created by a routine thought be called creative?

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    Everything that's created is created by routine thought.  Crazy people aren't good artists.  Beautiful moves can be hard to find, counter-intuitive, or even aesthetically pleasing.

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    Come on people? Who can opposite me in this claim? I am ready to take on anyone who tries.

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