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How to deal with people who don't rematch

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    xiyue wrote:

    When I lose ,i rematch.


    When I won,the opponet rematch,I refuse

    Some people who see this are going to get very angry! Just check the rest of the comments.

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    jmgreener wrote:

    What a stupid, stupid, thread. A waste of time to argue about it. 

    And yet you resurrected the thread which had not had a post in two weeks. Why?

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    To argue about it, of course.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #84


    Maybe chess.com could implement a new button - if someone dares to refuse a rematch, then you click the new "demolish" button.

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    If I win, I always give the guy a rematch if he wants it.

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    ucanthandlethetruth wrote:

    unfortunately the block list is limited to 200. It would be reasonable if some people so desired to block all but their friends and family reversing it to an exclusion list.

    I know right. Chess.com has more than 7 million members. I wonder why they limit the block list to 200? That's obviously a drop in the bucket. Out of those 7 million, surley there are more than 200 @$$h0le$ on this site. Not saying names. Not pointing any fingers. Just sayin'.

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    Actually chess.com should just invest in whatever servers ICC uses so most of the games don't get screwed up on time cause of lag issues.  It is so inconsistent. I'll go from 1900 to 1500 over a day based on the games lost on disconnects and time issues when I'm on a 25mbps direct cable line.  The chess.com servers suck.

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