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How to report a player?

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    how about if someone shows racism? where do I report that?

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    Scroll down to the bottom of this page where it says "Help & Support"

    Scroll down to the bottom of that where it says "Contact Support"

    You can put in your complaint here.

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    2 min games FTW

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    is it avainst the rules to be say racist comments?

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    I've just woke up with a coffee and thought I'd have one nice little 10min game. I won the guy (Viking_Raider) and he leaves me this:
     'cheater [c*** removed by mod - please do not post such things in the forums. report offenders here:

    http://support.chess.com/Tickets/Submit/RenderForm/20  , i know this g** engine you use, you are blocked']

    When you check his profile he has a few people saying things like 'Very impolite person, offends players when losing.' He blocks me!!! so can't respond.

    People like this need their chat privileges revoked.

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    knightwriter2000 wrote:

    I'm wondering how to report players for abuse at the table. I just played a game against someone named ****and at one move away from mate, (my move to make), he said that I'm going to have to wait the rest of the time of the game which was about thirty five minutes still. He would do that rather than let me get my win and let us both be on are way.

    Is there anyway to report players like this? This isn't the first time that this has happened to me, but it definately takes away from the enjoyment I have here.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    [Do not name and shame. Mod.]

    Let me guess,  but I could be wrong here - you actually waited only 2 minutes and not the entire 35 minutes before your opponent was declared to have lost for Game Abandoned.

    And received an automatic warning for abandoning a game.

    I could be wrong here. But I believe that Chess.Com has been made aware of this type of behavior by rude chess players and have installed a timer whereby a player who does not make a move in Live Chess for 2 minutes is declared to have lost the game for Game Abandoned.

    This feature of Live Chess is great for games with a time limit greater than 3 minutes. 

    A player who thinks he can make an opponent wait until clock expires with a lot time left in the game gets a rude awakening when he finds himself restricted in Live Chess plus his opponent waited only 2 minutes and not until clock expires.

    A side effect of this feature in Live Chess is that players who get disconnected and could not get back a connection within the 2-minute period are inadvertenly restricted in Live Chess.

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    I've found there's quite a high percentage of people who don't start the game so don't get any 'black flag'

    Then I seen the pattern. If they're playing black they allow for a non-start game. And wait for the advantage of playing white. Pathetic? I think so. But watch for this and you may be suurprised to find it's true.

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    suburbanknight wrote:

    deal with it and stop being childish yourself - it happens all the time. you should go and make a cup of tea and come back in 40 minutes to relish the victory. 

    u mean to say u  need to have a jug coffee besides in case u get those kind of players again and again!!

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    I can't believe that all you guys are insulting and calling names to the people who had to wait for 30 minutes or so staring at blank space! Seriously guys!

    1. It's not being "childish", when they had to wait for 30 minutes because some idiot decided to not move for 30 minutes. Think about it yourselves. Would YOU like to have those sorts of people as an opponent? Or are you one of them?

    2. You can't just "start another game". I've once had someone purposely disconnect, and wait for me to start another game and get distracted by that, and he reconnected and played on.

    So in conclusion, it is suffice to say that your insults are invalid, and what knightrider2000 is questioning is a good and valid question to the mods. 

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    iser82 is just asking waste... he is asking for rematch and then say F****** and aborted the game... y did he first ask for a rematch??? this guy shud be banned... for using that words..

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    Guys I am also tired of the tricks some guys use at chess.com. I hope many have seen this one. When my opponent's time is about to become 0, suddenly there is a glitch in the display and their clock time suddenly increases by 10-20 seconds. If they use it once, its ok but they around 10-15 times a game and eventhough I am in a winning position with a piece advantage but i have little time on my clock so i apparently lose on time. Is there anyway to report this?
    I just come to chess.com to enjoy playing good natured chess and learn a lot from my opponents and I don't want to learn cheap tricks they do on their and probably on my clock time.
    Is there any other website where I can play chess...I mean normal good natured chess with no fraudulent actions?
    Thanks in advance guys 

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    What about a player using a program ?

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    Hehe some guy was very angry.

    It was just game

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    Some people need to get rid of their anxiety in socially more acceptable ways like cursing in videogames. You should be proud that you have saved the lives of many innocent would-be terrorist victims.

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    AndTheLittleOneSaid wrote:

    You could have started another game...

    No. YOU could have started another game. Ony premium members can play more than 1 game at once.

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    Just went through a page of troll comments with no real answer.  Reporting system for those who let their time tick or disconnect should be an easy and obvious thing for all to find.  Please don't encourage or perpuate the stero type that chess players are anti-social jerks.  OP had a legit question and instead of offering help you all just trolled him some more.  

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    There are several answers on this page that can be considered helpful.

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #40


    And several that perpuate the sterotype that chess players are autistic anti-social trolls.  

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