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Tournament time limit?

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    Hi, I have been looking for sometime now, but can't seem to find a answer. So what is the time limit for Tournaments? Is there one set amount of time that most Tournaments use? If not what are the times that most of the big Tournaments use?

    And just to be clear when I talk about Tournaments I'm not talking about on here :-P


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    From the US Chess Federation website:

    "1b. Time-control
    Before the game, the clock is set to a pre-determined time limit. The most popular time control in the United States gives each player two hours for the first 40 moves. If your opponent spends more than 2 hours for his first 40 moves, you win. However, you must keep score to claim a win by time in a non-sudden death time control.
    After 40 moves, each player gets an extra hour. The extra-hour time control is a sudden death control. There are no chances to get any more time. The popular U.S. time control I just described is recorded: "40/2 SD/1"(40 moves in 2 hours, Sudden Death in one hour.)
    Many tournaments have only one sudden death time control. SD/30, SD/60 and SD/90 are popular time controls where the double-digit numbers are minutes. Occasionally, there are tournaments with three time controls. Always make sure you know and understand the time control before the tournament.
    If you are using a digital clock, you can set it with time-delay. Time delay gives each player 5 seconds before his or her clock starts running. To balance this, a few minutes are subtracted from the first time control. This results in fewer mad scrambles at the end of games, once again making it easier for both T.Ds and players. (But not for drama queens!)"

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    Actually, you only see the 40/2 at bigger tournaments.  At smaller events the controls tend to be faster.  USCF will rate any time limit from Game/30 minutes up; faster time controls down to G/15 become "quick-rated" in a separate system.

    The time control for any tournament is required to be announced in its TLA at Chess Life Online or in the magazine or newsletter, so you should be able to find out before deciding whether to play.

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    Wow, 2 hours for both players, that's a lot longer then I thought it would be Smile

    Ok so what I am getting is that the lowest the time limit can go is 30 minutes and that any lower then that is in a different rating system, but even then it won't go any lower then 15 minutes? So I won't be seeing any 5 minute tournaments?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I have only played in local tournaments where the time control is G/40

    I am curious though - In the 40/2, SD/1 do you get your time from the first part added to the second part when the 40 moves are complete?  I.E. lets say player A finishes his 40 moves with 20 minutes left and player B finishes his 40 moves with 50 minutes left.  Going into sudden death does player A have 80 minutes and player B has 110 minutes, or do they both have 60 minutes?

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