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Unnerve an opponent?

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    Occasionally, when playing down, I'll try to unnerve my opponent with a really surprising move that changes the character of the game, even if it is not objectively best. 

    I played this otb on tuesday-

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    One of the great masters (Alekhine?) would focus fiercely on the board all through the game until a moment came when he looked up and into his opponent's eyes. It meant he had seen the forced win.  Must have had an effect, I think. (But then he would have already won so more of an idiosyncracy than a tactic.)

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    if you try the farting suggestion you must play the TRUMPowsky attack.


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    If he plays the French, I'd go with the WinDaver.

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    kenible4 wrote:

    I would definitely lose against her. I wouldn't be concentrating on the game.

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    Two words: Mikhail Tal

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    You should consequently explain your own plan, from the very beginning of the game. Also keep explaining to your opponent why their plan won't work. Explain fast and just improvise long reasoning sentences that seem to be full of logic but really isn't. If possible, get them dragged into the 'logics' of the reasoning and produce arguements that doesn't make sense, but strangely, seem to make sense.

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