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what do i do? accused of cheating

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #61


    ConnorMacleod_151 wrote:

    Just move on ... do not believe your opponent...

    ..best thing to do is start with this board ..



    But... I don't even see bishops as religious figures (except the people ones, chess ones are mathematical units)

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    Thunder_Penguin wrote:
    ThrillerFan wrote:
    pujara123 wrote:

    it is online chess. and typing random posts in my profile about his high rating and he will become cm or gm

    What on earth is "cm"?  Cheating Master?  This one sure is foreign to me!  NM (in the United States), FM, IM, GM, WFM, WIM, WGM, yeah, but CM?

    you offended me. >:(

    I don't think he did...

    ...I thought CM stood for ....

    ... Call Me Tongue Out

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