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What do you feel about players that do perpetual checks when they are losing?

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    X_PLAYER_J_X wrote:

    The OP of this forum believes a draw is Cheap and Pathetic. I do not agree and I will never agree. Especially when I am captivated by such a legendary draw. That game was purely an art form. Black put his opponent into a position that threatened multiple checkmating threat's with 1 slip up. An the white sided player through all the danger and all of the threats found a way to avoid being checkmated. Into an ending position that resulted in a draw.

    This game is a testament to the sheer power of attack and defense

    Which demonstrates the excellence of the black players attacking ability and his intense calcuation's.

    It also demonstrates the brillancy of the white player defensive resourcefulness to safely find his way out of the obstacles.

    Their are alot of ways to lose this position but very few ways to draw it and almost none to win.

    When the clash of the attacking and defensive titan collided. It resulted in an epic struggle that ended in a draw.

    These 2 individuals tryed their hardest to win. They tryed their hardest to prevent their opponents threat. They tryed their hardest to unleash new threats. They tryed their hardest to give material back to survive.

    They played with Heart and Passion. In doing so it made their game a Treasure that is neither cheap nor pathetic. For when you play with heart it is a rarity that should be honored. The result was they were honored. Their game could have been discarded to the winds many years ago. 143 years has passed since this game was played and yet generation upon generations of chess players still marvel at its excellence. It has been remembered through the ages as:

    The Immortal Draw!

    I agree, but not fully.... Where did the spelling and grammar go? That's why there is no full agreement. 

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    I agrteee too , whare did the speling and gramar go!

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    Here is a game that has actually a very mysterious historical back story to it. In fact their is alot of heated debate about this game.

    It is known as:  The Immortal Queen Offers

    Yet the funny thing is many believe the Mysterious Queen Offers were not part of the real game. Many including the player playing the black piece's believe it was found many years after the game had been played.

    Bascially The below position is said to be what was actually played in the game. Than years later other Grand Masters found a resource for white to in fact win this game lol. With the most brillant continuation. Which leaves many un-answered questions was the brillancy move found years later or was it found during the actual game. No one really knows lol which is why their is alot of controversy over this game.

    So the above position is what some believe to be the real game.

    They believe white resigned in this position shown above. When you look at the position you can see that the bishop on f6 is hitting the white queen and the b2 pawn. Also if the queen move's back to lets say d2. Black might offer the trade of rooks and try to target the b2 pawn which may result in the loss of material for white. So that might be 1 of the reasons of why white could have resign. Again no one really knows if white resigned or not that is the real issue. However, if he did resign you can't blame him to much. He has some issues here. Now in the below diagram I am going to show you the coninuation that has set this game up to be an Immortal.

    So the question is did that actually happen in the game or not. No one knows which is why this game has a very Mysterious history  CHA CHA CHA HA HA HA

    It is known as:

    The Immortal Queen Offers

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    Looks like you've got this all covered X_PLAYER_J_X - (apart from the spelling and grammar that is)

    You should check this forum out:


    You're banned! Haha

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    <<What do you feel about players that do perpetual checks when they are losing?>>>

    I feel that they aren't actually losing.

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    People who play perpetual check when they are losing avoid losing. Sounds like a smart thing to do. It's in the game!

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    MaryandJuana wrote:

    What do you feel about players that do perpetual checks when they are losing?

    You have stated a contradiction, and then have asked how people feel about the contradiction.  If your opponent has perpetual check, how is he or she "losing?"  They could be down all kinds of material and facing a mate-in-one, but the position is drawn.

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    Rogue_King wrote:














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