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What do you feel about players that do perpetual checks when they are losing?

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    four words:dont feed the troll

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    hapless_fool wrote:

    Games swindled are sweeter than games earned (a reference to what movie?).

    Color of money, Paul Newman

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    I feel like I'm stupid for missing a win.

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    Draw a game when you can.. a draw is more difficult than a win. win happens a lot times more than a drawn game.

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    Depends who is playing.  When plebs like us play it does, not when Grandmasters play!

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    I am realatively sure that if you had drawn the game throught perpetual check you would be on the other side.  And their's nothing "cheap" about it.  And it's not even easy to do; I won a tournament game because my opponent, perpetual checking me, missed a way that I could trade a night and queen and then promote and win.  If you don't like perpetual checking, stop playing chess.

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    I personally love how the opportunities for drawing affect the game of chess. Both stalemate and perpetual check are great ways in which an otherwise "lost" position can be saved. It really makes chess a game that is "not over until it is over" in the sense that even when you're winning by a landslide, you must still be wary of potential drawing threats.

    On the other hand though, sometimes people "trying" for a draw can be quite annoying when there is no chance at one(such as hoping for a stalemate in K+QvK endgames in games with people rated higher than 1200), but I personally will usually carry a "lost" position along as long as I have a rook or some positional ideas that justify the continuation of the game(rooks seem to me to have very good chances at making perpetual check and/or stalemate options happen).

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    money won is twice as good as money earned-the color of money-get the right movie and  the right quoted saying  lol

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