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What do you feel about players that do perpetual checks when they are losing?

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #421


    I know somebody who is that good, he does even win with perpetual check!

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #422


    50 moves without a take is a draw right?  There is no difference between this and seeking a stalemate. 

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #423


    What do I feel?

    I feel we are intelligent, witty, and pretty darn good looking to boot.

    Thank you so much for asking.

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #424


    The question makes no sense. If they have perpetual chesck, they were never losing! What do you think of dopes who think they are winning when their opponent actually has an eay draw?

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #425


    right chessmicky

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