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What do you find the most trouble in?

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    Plz post any issues you may have like tactics, strategies, etc

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    Well.... There's this bar down town.

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    Stevie65 wrote:

    Well.... There's this bar doon toon.

    Fixed that for you.


    On topic: I struggle to find plans in quiet positions.

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    Masters that intentionally play the most annoying sidelines in your pet opening. Against one, I lost three times in a row trying to use my pet opening, and then finally got so fed up with their avoidance play that I played 1.e4 in the last game and ended up beating them in an open Sicilian. Think I learned my lesson? Nope!

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    The allotment of of black four times to me conseutively to night irritated me. when ever western players are favoured I cannot tolrate the unjustice  the Name of fair play practices Aany player can see for himself from the records of today evening why so much favouratims? ID SHARMA

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    Hey! i'm a western player and i resent that!  Take this up with staff in Help & support.

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    If you have an answer for another person's issue, please put it in this format:

    [Username], [suggestion]

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    well I find most trouble in the endgame it is very complex when you dont have a lot of pieces and you have a ton of moves

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    What do you find the most trouble in i would like to know chessman

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    Yes, i'm sorry ChessMan00..My retort was a little hasty.

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    Stevie65, I didn't mean for you specfically, but apology accepted.

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    Danik1, I find the most trouble in strategy vs. taking out pieces. I get carried away by taking out pieces.

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    I usually have the most trouble between the pieces all being in their original positions and when I see the little # after their last move. Before and after those times I don't have any problems with the game of chess.

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    But on a serious side, I struggle with a) what to do after the opening and b) what to do if I am expecting a certain move in the opening and I get something even slightly off.

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    I have trouble shaking my opponents hand  after I whip his/her butt.

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    A common weakness for myself is to overly concentrate on one portion of the board (my attack that will mate in 2) and totally neglect what is happening elsewhere (though I am getting better). I suspect this is not uncommon in below-average rated players like myself.

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    Defending attacks.  I usually don't respect the danger, and assume with best play I can get out of it, and when I do they'll just be worse... of course the difficulty is it's hard to find the best moves :p

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    In the supermarkets, I can't reach the top shelves.

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