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What Is an Acceptable Amount of Online Games at Once?

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    lol, Ramon has 10 minutes to get online and play a move, or else he's in trouble...

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    pocklecod wrote:


    It would be surprising if you hadn't played him at that rate.  Honestly, I'm impressed he can pull off a 1500s rating on this site with nearly 5000 concurrent games.  He must be a way better player than me.

    Yeah, you are probably right

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    Several! :)

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    Luvrug wrote:

    I fell appart after 25. I try to keep it to 10-15 now. but i enter a tourny and all of a sudden 10 simultaneous appear! I really should read the small print. But come on look at my rating, does it really surprise anyone I struggle with more than 10 games at once?

    yes the tournies were my problem to. I advanced in a couple and just didnt take it into account because it was taking so long and let my total creep up to 25 once...then wham! Suddenly the next round begins, 35 games...ugh. I have tested my limit several times, its about 20.

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    One at a time.

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    I was maintaining 120, with a 1900+ rating (similar to my USCF). I was pretty consistent about moving on time, but would gradually use up vacation on days I was busy.

    Finally, after running down all of my vacation, I went to an OTB tournament in Vegas, forgot about chess.com for a couple weeks, and lost about 200 rating points due to forfeiture on time.

    I currently have 9 games, and am slowly gaining my rating back.

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    The answer to the OP's question depends on the amount of time you are willing (AND ABLE) to realistically spend. If you're on an off the internet all day and have plenty of time, theoretically you can play as many games as you are willing. But if you find yourself away from the site for a day or two here and there you might want to limit your games to avoid time outs.

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