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What is the most SURPRISING incident happen with you while playing OTB tourney?

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    I once played in a game where I forgot whose turn it was (I'm not very good at chess XD) and ended up sitting there for 10 minutes, waiting for something to happen before it hit me. Then I asked the opponent, and he was pretty empathetic about it, I moved and the game resumed XD 

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    I didn't witness this myself, but I heard about it from a tournament director. There were these 2 kids playing (for the drama, let's say they're playing for 1st place in the top section at the last round) and they're down to seconds on their clocks (this was before time delay was in general use). So they're playing, and one kid makes his move and hits the table beside the clock. The other kid instantly moves, but gets a penalty for an illegal move because his opponent had not yet completed his move!

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    I was playing in the major open in British Championship two years ago when a player on a neigbouring board had a heart attack. The arbiters announced to the hall that we could all stop playing but my opponent and I just carried on playing. The gentleman in question apparently was OK eventually.

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