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where can one play chess online for money!

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    BorgQueen wrote:

    I would argue strongly that "game of chance" is HIGHLY subjective.

    Poker has skill and luck.

    So does chess.

    And everything in between.

    Just how much luck vs skill ratio is required to make it valid to be gambling??

    I like the Wiki definition better tbh.

    You are free to argue and like incorrect things.  Have a good day.

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    Hey guys,

    Is there any place online where I can compete in a spelling bee online? I'm sure no one cheats on the internet, and I need to make some money.

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    Very logical ^_^

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    mattyf9 wrote:

    Come to nyc and go to washington square park.  They play for money everyday.

    Been there, done that. Its a scam really. You may win a few games if you are good--keep in mind those guys are masters--but once word gets out they will refuse to play with you. 

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    Here's a place where one can play games for money.


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    Stigmatisert wrote:
    robertburkhalter wrote:

    The best place I've found to play for money is www.chessfordollars.com

    Perhaps that's the way to get titled players to play against untitled.

    Cool. Chess.com: start compiling!

    It'a above all a god way to get patzers with a computer play against other patzers with a computer.

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    what about this site?

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    I would be very worried about cheating. After all, people cheat on this site where they don't get money for doing it - imagine how bad it would be if people were getting money from cheating online Undecided

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    If you decided to play chess for money it may be best to play only blitz and bullet games since it does take time to switch back and forth from the actual online game and an engine. Even this may not be a guarantee since a clever hacker may be able to hook the engine to the online game.  I have noticed that when playing here on chess.com that on occassion during a game an opponent seems to be losing and then suddenly the opponent's play seems to sharpen up and he is suddenly winning. I do not have enough evidence to name names but I do suspect that person is cheating.   

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    LevGavrilov wrote:
    JensJakob написал:

    what about this site?

    I registered there. Site is not yet finalized, the beta version. Rivals and never received any normal game play. In my opinion there are many bots.

    What did you expect ? Computers play better than humans, and humans love money.

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    best way to play for money is going to an official tournament and play for the prize which can sometimes be very high , the more you get better the bigger the prizes get . no point playing online for cash since you will be playing a great chess engine , so really unless you can beat a modern chess engine you should really stick with tournaments . 

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    Velocitychess.com Is the newest site were you can play for money. It is legit and it was acually built by one of the chess.com members. Alot of us are going over there. 

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    The opportunity to cheat is EXTREMELY high, but in todays world of technology there is also plenty of opportunity to create this arena off of fair play.  Look at ebay for example: How many people were swindled of tens of thousands of dollars by scammers when they first went live?  How many still get swindled?  If you put some actual thought into this and wrote up a TOS explicitly laying out details, consequences, and inappropriate behavior yes you would still have bad apples but you would also have measures to take against these bad apples.  And an entire community policing itself.  I think if you put enough thought into the make up, design, police, consequences, and grading system of this obviously desired site I am sure there is someone smart enough to figure it out.  Cheaters will cheat, and scammers will scam, and there will always be a loop hole, but a little common sense & community awareness is & has always been the best defense against people like this.  

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    You can try www.playtou.com There are hosted tournaments with knock out systems, not only in chess. 

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    Dear sir.Play chess tournaments and soon to Topchess.com

    greeting   Dusan

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