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Why Isn't Carlsen the World Champion?

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    pellik wrote:
    Estragon wrote:

    I'm an Ivanchuk fan myself, but he's never been a match player of the quality of his tournament play. 

    I've always thought the quality of his play is top notch, maybe better then Carlsen. He just doesn't have the temperment to be a champion as his emotions get in the way of his calculation. He doesn't have the same talent as Carlsen, cool and precise, but what he does have is an unmatched imagination.

    There is no other player in chess history who has so many original and beautiful ideas.  All the top GMs have contributed to opening theory, Ivanchuk has changed endgame theory more than once!

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    ok, guys, this question might be way off topic, but i still have not found any article which answers this question in details: why and how did Ivanchuk gets called the MAD GENIUS?


    thank you!

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