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Writers need to know!

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    A group almost one week old on chess.com has been created for those people of chess.com who regard themselves as writers. 


    This group will be a perfect place for people to share their own written expressions, essays, stories and other forms of texts with other members. 

    Here you will also be able to share texts that you want to have discussion on from articles etc. that you find interesting.

    And on top of all that, this group will be hosting writing contests where there will be prizes to be won! 

    Feel free to join this group and spread word to your friends if you believe yourself as a writer.


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    I was a writer until a member here told me to quit, give it up, loser, etc..

    So I Iost all my confidence but I now have more free time.

    Thanks 'flags.

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    oh did he goldendog ? Cry Shame on ya 'flags ! Yell

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    Good luck with that! I'm afraid I can't just share articles for free, but oh well. 

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    kco wrote:

    oh did he goldendog ?  Shame on ya 'flags ! 

    He's the most notorious meanie.

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