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board won't show in email chess

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #1


    I had to resign every game in email chess because of this, does anyone have this problem as well?

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    Could you tell me what kind of browser and operating system you use?
  • 7 years ago · Quote · #3


    uhh, yahoo? lol, i really have no idea.
  • 7 years ago · Quote · #4


    'Browser' meaning Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, AOL, etc..

    'Operating system' meaning Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, etc...

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #5


    Thanks, Matt :).
  • 7 years ago · Quote · #6


    thx, I have mozilla, but i don't use it. I have windows xp
  • 7 years ago · Quote · #8


    thanks erik, but i decided to try the site on mozilla, and it works!!! thankx for your help everybody!!
  • 7 years ago · Quote · #10


    Hey I'm having the same problem.  I followed your instructions and got the answers but i'm not exactly sure what to do with them.  I'm using Internet Explorer by the way.  Sorry I'm not that good with computers
  • 7 years ago · Quote · #12


    Hey I'm having the same problem. I use Internet explorer and java is activated

    It´s really strange. How can I solving the problem? Tx

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #14


    How I make sure that javaSCRIPT this activated?. Hit Control+R doesn't work  
    OK, but with errors in the page.


  • 7 years ago · Quote · #15


    I am using internet explorer and cannot view the boad. Help?
  • 7 years ago · Quote · #17


    Control+R doesn't work. I can see the board if I erase the internet temporary files. But I have to make it every time that I upgrade the page.

    Help, please

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #19


    erik wrote:

    If you are having problems using the site, please run this test (http://www.cyscape.com/showbrow.aspx) and then answer these questions:

    1) what browser/version are you using? 

    2) SessionCookies? = true or false

    3) JavaScriptEnabled? = true or false 

    4) Firewall? = true or false 

    5) Width/height = (numbers)

    6) Broadband? = true or false 

    7) Platform (OS) = (win, mac, etc)

    That would REALLY help! :)

    انا مش شايف رقعة الشطرنج
  • 7 years ago · Quote · #20


    i had the same problem....try using mozilla firefox...

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