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Resolved: HELP!

  • 3 years ago · #1


    can i get the old design back???????Foot in mouth

  • 3 years ago · #2


    Are you talking about the Beta site design? If so, then yes but at some point, everyone will be on the new design and there will be no switching back.

    There is a link at the very bottom of the page, labeled Leave Beta Test. Click that and you will be back on the old design until it goes live for everyone or you decide to try it again.

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  • 3 years ago · #4


    I leave Beta test, but now i want to go back. There is a way?


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  • 3 years ago · #6


    thank you all.

  • 3 years ago · #7


    Help me me purge my group of inactive members.  

  • 3 years ago · #8


    jcarroll4415 wrote:

    Help me me purge my group of inactive members.  

    In Admin Tools, click on Manage Members then delete.

    If you mean those no longer on the site then sort by Most Recently Online and go to the last page.

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