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Huge Live Chess Bug. Members are being blocked accidently

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    or maybe they show a confirmation when we want to block someone.

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    Beware my friends and take care that you yourself do not do such an awful deed.Good daySmile

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    Thanks, I'll have someone investigate this

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    Thanks aww-rats! I do see what you are referring to and I will add it to our suggestion list for review. (and also add Rayyan_Layth's suggestion of an additional confirmation of blocking.) :)

    In the meantime, I noticed there is a way around this. If I click on the very first letter of the username or if the username is at the top of the chat screen the box doesn't open up in the position you are referring to. For example, if the name is at the top of the screen you see this: http://grab.by/vzSk and the option to block is at the bottom.

    So until a change is made, perhaps we can all spread the word about this workaround. :)

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    aww-rats wrote:

    I've known about this for awhile...


    Go to live chess, and in chat, click on someone's handle.

    You get a pop up menu and the cursor automatically hovers over "Block Member"

    Doesn't happen to me on my Firefox 28. What browser are you using? (I'm assuming by someone's handle, you mean their username?)

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    The problem with technology:

    You fix one BIG thing but messed up 5 small things that you wouldn't have know existed until is gone


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    Just you can right click on the name and the pop-up list shows the option.

    I confirmed if the staff has taken some measures on it but to no avail :( The option is still there. 

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