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Iphone App Issues

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    I know, I am not the only one to notice that some players find a way to win a game in the Iphone App. Many times, I would place my opponent in 'check' and before you know it, "my chess piece" would disappear off the board after a pause from my opponent. That's not all, just right now I placed my opponent in check, he stops playing and let the time runs out and in the final screen I see that we had a "Time Switch". My 'check' was removed, my 5:01min of play left becomes 'my opponent's' and I end up with 0:00 time left.

    If you love playing chess and enjoy a challenge, learn to lose with grace, resign or get more practice. Have some respect for the game and other players instead of performing some kind of 'e-wizardry' to win.

    I hope the word gets around to the "Iphone App" developpers so they can fix this.

    Signed: "Not cool to cheat!!" Surprised

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    It sounds more like you are having technical difficulties. Will you try uninstalling the app completely and re-installing it please? Also, make sure your iOS is up-to-date as well. 

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    Thank you 'Calamondin-Staff' for giving us a feedback on this issue because I'm just amazed at how they are able to trick the app so they can win. Not cool at all because if you are guessing, I will tell you that it happened again "exactly" like I described it before. UndecidedNote that I followed your suggestion and erased + reinstall the app before this.

    To make it even more interesting, I have screen shots showing my pieces' positions on the board seconds before my opponent went out of time and after pictures showing the "magic trick" they pulled off. I had a 'gut feeling' something was going to go down.Surprised

    Out of respect for the real players, I will not post the shots because the "user name" is bright and clear in those shots.

    So, if there is anyone out there, let the developpers know about this so they can fix it in the next update. No more dishonesty in a 'fair and square' chess game!

    Cheaters no more! YellAll you have to do is sit, study the game (yep, there're books on chess play and some of us actually studied. We are that passionate!), learn from your peers and take pride in winning "honestly".

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    Weird!!?!! Was playing with someone the other day and they send me a chat asking whether I was still playing. I thought "they" were holding up the game by thinking for too long. Apparently, they could not see my move and they could not see mine either. Seems like there is some kind of a lag in some of the games where a player's move is not being sent by the server. Weird!!

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    ever since the last upgrade my screen wont allow me to move pieces, so i am left with no choice but to :abort: now i am hit with :fair game policy: nonsense.  get your act together.  I did uninstall, reinstall out of a history of enjoying chess.com but forget it now.  dont you get it? you are losing traffic, every blog is saying the same thing.  you reviews on Marketplace are horrific since last install.  I will give it 3 days then I am gone for good.

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