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My opponent delays constantly

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    TY brunojust for the information on the quote, I will look both people people you list in your post. I always tolerate the views and thoughts of others but adopt the good ones.

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    Chill out dude. He has a grand total of 3 vacation days left. I don't think those will last him another 18 months.

    What most people here have told you is spot on. If you play a game with 3 days/move, and your opponent takes 3 days/move, there's nothing to complain about. If your opponent uses all his vacation time, there's nothing to complain about. I was playing about 20-30 games a few months back, including multiple tournaments, and took a vacation of just over 2 months from Correspondance Chess games. Did I tell each of my opponents why? Nope. Was I active on the site during that time? You bet. But that's why my vacation is for my use. Because I can use it whenever I want, for whatever I want.

    tl;dr Don't play CC if you're not willing to have a game last months. 

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    He's got 46 minutes left and he's on his fourth vacation! We've been playing since May 14. It's been nearly 3 months and he's only on his 24th move. Is there a place where I can contact Staff? I can't seem to find it.

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    brunojust, his is vacation over yet? What happened since your last post?

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    Dadnavy71: The dude came back from vacation made one move and then went on vacation immediately after. He's just back from his 4th vac. What I don't understand, among many things, is how he can have another 10 hours when 36 hours ago he had only 24.

    Frankiebones7983: In my case, this fellow takes three days even when it's a simple move to make bacause he's in check and the king has only one square he can move to. He's a serial frustrator. Occasionally, I meet people like this in my life and I run a mile, I won't have anything to do with them.

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    I  will think about this one, and MathBandit good points but being polite and respectful of the time your opponent invests in "his/her" game is also a consideration! I have had this happen to me already in some games even being fairly new to site. It would seem at least whatever game is being played, is a game to be played. Why agree to play a game and then not play even if you can. All people here do not really seem unrealistic. Unique problem. I guess, why take on a turn based game if you know your schedule, life events,... will not support it might be nice to not present a opportunity to play in first place. Things turn up in life, attitudes agree that is CC. I would probably send a message saying (many times) "I see you on vacation today still, just wanted to tell you I await patiently your return, to get back to our exciting game" then send the message back auto-generated for the auto-generated message alert that a player already recieves.

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    Thanks Dadnavy71. On the sending a message suggestion, he's turned off chat so that I can't message him. I just have to put up with him until the end or resign and be done with him.

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    Brunojust, you are most welcome!

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    Hi guys! He's on his 5th vacation now. It's move 26! Does anyone know how I can get onto Staff, please?

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    Well, well, he lost on time!

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    poetic justice? congratulations :D

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    Thanks guys!

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