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    I didn't find some section of bug reporting, so I use that tread to add a bug I got on my android app v. 2.73 on android 2.2.1 (motorola Defy (motoblur)).

    the issue is:

    4) when I rotate my phone, the app adjust itself (that is ok), but the board reset itself to the initial positions. In tactics, the tactics is reset to the first move.

    (i'll be willing to do some QA, in a bug reporting system)

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    radiomatete wrote:

    4) when I rotate my phone, the app adjust itself (that is ok), but the board reset itself to the initial positions. In tactics, the tactics is reset to the first move.

    Ok I need specifics on this one please.

    Step by step can you explain to me exactly what you do to make this happen as its working ok for me so I must be missing a step somewhere.

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    just to be clear in this post: I posted my  problem in the android group:

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    I replied on there :)

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    I'm having a problem when playing a turn-based game and the connection is iffy. I often catch up on my games on the metro on the way to work, and connectivity dips in and out. Of course I don't expect the move to go through without connection, but the problem is that that can sometimes completely hang the app for a very long time. This morning I gave up and restarted my phone.

    I'm on an HTC Incredible, Android version 2.3.4

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    I tried the bug reporting forum but it seems like the page has been removed.

    Running v.2.0.74 on Galaxy S3. I can only make moves when connected via Wi-Fi. I can login to account with mobile  network but when I select, Play Online, it does not show any games. As soon as I connect to Wi-Fi, it shows active games and I can make moves.

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    Electric Sheep

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    I can confirm the tactics trainer is mostly unusable on the android app.
    The points you get are weird: sometimes it awards you one point for a solution of a problem, sometimes you get more than 10 for one in similar diffuculty. But I could live with this.

    What makes it really annoying is, it appears to be counting wrong. Sometimes you start at a lower overall rating than you left off. The most extreme thing happened to me today, when I solved a problem and had something around 1365 points. It awarded me 22 points because I solved the problem. But then it did not add those points, but subtracted around 30-35 points. This is really annoying and needs testing on your side.

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    For me, the tactics trainer on Android does not work at all anymore. Tested on two different devices (a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and a Samsung Galaxy Tab). It will always crash or just log me out. I had a diamond membership until recently, but since I was mainly using the tactics trainer on my Tab, I did not renew the membership. The problem exists since several months, and I think it is pointless to pay money and not get any additional value.

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    Hi, my app has auto updated on my Samsung Galaxy S3 running android 4.3. It keeps saying "Unfortunately chess has stopped". I have uninstalled and re-installed (just). Typically I manage to login click on my first waiting game; pause; black screen; stopped message. On holidays I only use the app so this is important to me. Is there somewhere I can get a copy of the old app? It seems to stop all over the place - e.g. I tried to reach this forum but the app closed (using a work laptop now).

    Is it working for anyone else with S3 and android 4.3?

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    I have problems with tactisc trainer too. It periodically hangs down, showing animated squares pic, like losing connection (while the connection icon in the corner (3G pic) showing no network activity at all!!! And web browser still working!). I suspect, this hanging bug occurs after incorrect answer, but why?

    I found the tactic trainer completely useless in the new app. A great pity :-(

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    i cant get rid of the " live" notification after the new upgrade?

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    There are no filters in the new app. When you post a challenge anybody can accept it.

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    My android app auto-updated on Samsung.  I don't know how to use the new app.  Are there instructions?  For example, How to invert the view in Analysis mode?  What does the pawn icon button do?

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    Hey Android users. Just as an FYI, we are now reverting back to the prior app until we get everything sorted with the new release.

    We're really sorry about all the trouble and hope you can bear with us through this as we continue working on making the best chess site on the web!

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    Hey guys! If you have any issues with the Android app, please feel free to post it here, or contact me. Thank you!

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