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"Connection Interrupted"

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    Rigagician1959 wrote:

    I lost my 2nd game when the 502 came up. After 7 moves, I don't see why I lost a bucket load of points for something out of my control? Scrrreeeaaaammm!!!!!

    This happened to me as well, I feel the frustration.

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    Having experienced "connection interrupted" too many times, and lost games I was winning because of it, I am leaving chess.com! I hope more honest, fair-playing, non-cheating players do the same! Maybe then the site might tackle this frustrating problem! Adios!

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    I recommed this for our Windows users.

    Drop to a command prompt. Run > cmd

    ping -t google.com

    This will cause your computer to continually ping google.com. If you have a connection problem, you will get a timeout message periodically. I did this to prove to my ISP that the problem was with them when I was getting timeouts.

    I think most folks who are getting the connection issues are really having a problem with their ISP.

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    I am connection interrupted frusted can this be helped by joining the chess.com site?

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