"Connection Interrupted"

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    intotheabyss2003 wrote:

    only happens when your winning and the other person moves, its obviously a cheat. 

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    I am having the same problems ever since they overhauled their IPad app.
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    I am having the problem now.  the server is extremely slow and connection kept getting interrupted

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    I have encountered this problem frequently, and i lost a lot of rating points this way.  I wonder if i get a premium membership this problem will go away, otherwise it is not worth it. 

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    i got a premium membership yesterday, and my connection to chess.com kepts getting interrupted.  Maybe its my connection but i tried playing at playchess.com and i dont have a similar problem.  

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    I'm using google chrome on my laptop, but still facing the "connection interrupted" problem.... What to do? Please help..

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