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Introduction of 'Flip-board function' to Live Chess

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    I think that it would be really nice for a 'flip-board function' to be introduced to Live Chess so that we can flip the board while playing DURING the game, as I sometimes like playing from the opposite side of the board (from my opponent's perspective), it helps in my learning. What do u think?

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    Well, it'd be convenient, but wouldn't it become a crutch? You can't do this during OTB play (real life play).

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    yes you can by walking around to the other side of the table.

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    Bob_stew wrote:

    Well, it'd be convenient, but wouldn't it become a crutch? You can't do this during OTB play (real life play).

    oh sry forgot to state the purpose of doing so, jz added it. It's jz for learning, nt really for real-life play :)

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    I like looking at the board from side-on also... can we have 3D boards like in Fritz?

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    I'm glad you brought this up. I would like to flip it while I'm waiting for my opponent to move, then flip it back to make my move.

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    me too I'm also think this would good because every move we played, and we don't know our weakness but after we flip the board maybe we can see our weakness on the board..  

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    Some games end without any points. Why is that?

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    honestly i always use "flip board" in my online games, that helps a lot! so it can be useful in live chess too!

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    There is an option to always have white on the bottom.  Perhaps as black you can turn it on and off to achieve this effect.

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    doublebruce wrote:

    I like live chess just the way it is.

    to flip the board does not teach anything  ??  (  What do I know )

    Worry not. Adding the flip-board function will not take anything away from how the live chess now is, it just adds to its awesomeness! =)

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    I've been curious about this for a while. Can we please make this happen?

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