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Make your own opening

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    falcogrine wrote:
    MetalRatel wrote:
    falcogrine wrote:

    it's taking a while, I'll just stop fritz now and say Bxe5. Your turn.

    (1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nf6 3.d3 Bc5 4.f4 d5)

    What version of Fritz are you using?

    The wrong one, apparently (probably worth mentioning here that i got rid of it on my computer).... well, there go my chances of taking the next world championship by storm :(

    looking at what you've written, i would definitely say that, played well, black can get himself a comfortable game.

    my idea was to essentially do a kings gambit without the risk, as the bishop can retake if needed, and meanwhile white gets more pressure on the center


    it seems that at higher level play it would get countered and shut down pretty hard though, which i guess is a bit of a drawback to trying to think of new ideas to play for the fun of it. popular openings are popular for a reason... still, random openings are fun in casual games against people who have no idea how to counter it :P

    Yeah, it's hard to play a King's Gambit without risk. Probably the best you can do is the Vienna (2.Bc4 is a common move order), but strong players usually know how to defend well against it. Mitkov is a GM who plays the Vienna fairly regularly, but I've seen him get some uninspiring positions with White. It has a lot of traps without too much risk, but you don't get much out of the opening if Black knows what he is doing.

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    A great Anti-Sicilian
    This is the Franco-English
    Franco-English 2


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