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Aegean Islands

  • Mytilene Greece 
  • Formed: Jul 30, 2010
  • Aegean Islands have always been remoted from the rest of the country. Their beauty attracts every summer a lot of tourists. Unfortunately during the winter aegean islands face a lot of problems. The wind and the weather conditions are always a contributing factor to our journeys. Some chess tournaments among Aegean Islands are organised but the locomotion is difficult. For that reason I created this group in order to unite our chess power, here, in Agean Islands. Everybody is acceptable to this group but I hope to see a lot of participation from islanders here in Aegean.

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  • euxaristo gia to group eimai apo th Lesvo kai elpizo na anadeixoume ta nisia mas

    by salatoy 20 months ago

  • http://goo.gl/iGQnb

    by KonOrian 2 years ago

  • Geia sas paidia!Einai kaneis edw?

    by erotokritos 3 years ago

  • Xronia polla kai eutuxismena stous eortazodes

    by Mitsos64 4 years ago

  • Deite to auto. http://tovals.blogsp ot.com/2011/03/blog- post_22.html

    by Mitsos64 5 years ago

  • http://www.chess.com /groups/home/klain-m ain-chess-team you are all wellcome

    by Mitsos64 5 years ago

  • www.chess.com/groups/forumview/invited-cities

    by Anastasios 5 years ago

  • xronia polla paidia.ante koynh8hte na pai3oume kana skaki

    by Mitsos64 5 years ago

  • Exoume protash apo "Galatsades Mountain Dream".2-3 paiktes 8a uparksoun h na to akurwsw??? :-(

    by Anastasios 5 years ago

  • Einai kaneis edo ?

    by CaptainJimTKirk 5 years ago