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Arizona Scorpions (USCL)

  • Arizona United States 
  • Formed: Sep 12, 2013
  • This is the official group for members, fans & friends of the Arizona Scorpions! We've been in the Pacific Division since 2008! Official Page: http://uschessleague.com/arizona.php

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  • The final blog for the Arizona Scorpions Week 10 Match against LA is now available at http://www.chess.com/blog/ArizonaScorpions/a-family-of-sorrows

    by StoopidBishop 10 months ago

  • You guys gotta support your star on board 4 - go vote in the GOTW poll on the homepage! Mateer needs you!

    by MikeKlein 10 months ago

  • AZ Week 9 coverage of the match between Arizona and Seattle. The Anka-Altounian game is a must see, lots of scary stuff in an exciting game! http://www.chess.com/blog/ArizonaScorpions/finally-dry-land

    by ArizonaScorpions 10 months ago

  • Thanks Danny, just wish the gang had started out the season on the right foot. Too short of a season to not draw blood when you have the chance!

    by StoopidBishop 10 months ago

  • Just had a lesson with Levon Altounian. -Sith voice- "Let the jealousy flow through you" :) Went over last night's game and some Panov lines from the Caro.

    by PawnSplat 10 months ago

  • Steve, your coverage this year has been awesome...

    by DanielRensch 10 months ago

  • 10/20/13 - Week 8 Recap of the San Francisco vs AZ match is at http://www.chess.com/blog/ArizonaScorpions/keep-treading-water-you-scorpions

    by StoopidBishop 10 months ago

  • Week 8 report - read how your team did! http://www.chess.com/news/uscl-week-8-wrapup-5737

    by MikeKlein 10 months ago

  • Mac and Robby are in St. Louis at the Spice Cup...and thus unavailable!

    by amandarm 10 months ago

  • No Mac tonight? You're not throwing in the towel are you? If you win out, I would guess you have at least a 40 percent chance of getting in. Think that percentage is about right?

    by MikeKlein 10 months ago